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During Surgery article



1.) Before the operation, you should wash your hair and clean your body.
2.) Two hours before the operation, you should not drink a lot of water to avoid voiding urine during the operation.
3.) During the operation, you should relax and lie motionless especially with your head  because the doctor has to perform the operation using a microscope.
4.) If you have to cough, sneeze or move your body during the operation, please notify the doctor before.
5.) During the operation, you must fix your eyes all the time at the microscope.
6.) Sometimes you might hear some noise from the medical equipment but this is painless.
     You might also feel water pass over your eyes but this is for cleaning purposes.
7.) When the operation is finished, the eyes will be covered by protective eye shields.



          SuperSight Surgery Described  :

With topical or local anesthesia you will be awake during the operation. This may simply consist of eye drop or injecting local anesthetic solution into the tissue surrounding the eye.

You might be able to see a bright light from operating microscope. Two hours before the operation, you will be given eye drops to enlarge the pupil.

During the operation you will be asked to keep your head still, and lie as flat as possible. The operation normally takes 20-30 minutes for one eye, but may take up to 40-60 minutes.

Most the natural lens is removed by a technique called “Phacoemulsification”. The surgeon makes a very small cut in the eye, softens the lens with ultrasound waves and removes it through a small tube.
The back layer of the lens is left behind. An artificial lens (implant) is then inserted to replace the natural lens. sometimes a small stitch is put in the eye. At the end of the operation, a pad or shield will be put over your eye for protection.

The purpose of the SuperSight Surgery is to replace the natural lens with a plastic, special designed accommodative or multifocal intraocular lens (implant) inside your eye to correct the condition known as presbyopia (aging of the eye) which occurs in most people after age 40 so they might not require to wear reading glasses for close-up work.



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