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After Surgery article

Post-Treatment Care :


Post Treatment Precautions

- Eye Protection:

Avoid exposing the eye to tap water as such non-sterile water may increase risks of infection. Avoid rubbing the eye. The eye may be more fragile to trauma from impact.

Evidence has shown that, as with any other scars, the corneal incision will not be as strong as the original cornea was at the site of the incision.

Therefore, the eye is somewhat more vulnerable to all varieties of injuries, at least for the first year after surgery.

It is advisable to wear protective eye wear when engaging in contact or racquet sport or other activities in which the possibility of a ball, projectile, elbow, fist or other traumatizing object contacting the eye may be high.

- After surgery, you may experience starburst-like images or halos around the lights, your depth perception may be slightly altered, and image sizes may appear slightly different.

Some of these conditions may affect your ability to drive and judge distances. Driving should only be done when you are sure that your vision is adequate.

The level of pain and discomfort can be expected soon after the procedure varies with each individual.
You should expect that the eye will be tender and sore to some extent after the surgery.
Immediately after the procedure vision, will be blurry, and you may experience some redness and/or corneal edema (swelling of the cornea). Some patients report the sensation of a foreign object in the eye.



1.) The first day after the operation, you should rest a lot.
2.) For one week, prevent water, sweat, dust or dirty substances pass into the eyes.
3.) Do not rub the eyes.
4.) Clean around the eye lids once a day using the provided medical solution and cotton wool swabs. 
     Use the cotton wool to clean the eyes from the inner side to the outer side.
     (Wash your hands before cleaning the eyes).
5.) Apply the eye drops as instructed, pulling down the eye lid and drop into the eye socket area.
6.) Take only the prescribed medication,
     Do not take eye drops from other people
7.) Take food as usual but do not work hard.
8.) Use sun glasses when you go outside.
9.) Before going to bed, cover the eyes with the provided eye shields for one week to prevent rubbing.
          If you experience any problems such as
              eye ache,  eye infection  or are dazzled, 
       please return to see the doctor.    


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