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SuperSight  Surgery



Presbyopia is part of the aging process and affects everyone. There’s no escape: you can run but you can’t hide. Sooner or later, the aging process catches up with us all and takes its toll. Therein lies an important point: later rather than sooner.

There are two types of people. The first type throw up their hands in despair when they turn forty and complain that there’s nothing they can do except passively resign themselves to deterioration and senility. They become lazy and neglect their health. Eventually, their negative attitude becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The other type resists the aging process. When they turn forty, they realize that life is a “use it or lose it” situation and that by staying physically active, they can maintain good health and retain their faculties much longer than was previously thought possible. If they’re not already leading a healthy lifestyle, they take up some form of moderate exercise such as walking, swimming, or aerobics.

Previous generations were doomed to silently suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, to patiently endure the whips and scorns of time, anxiously awaiting the grisly grasp of the Grim Reaper. Today, we have the knowledge and power to solve his arrival. One of the most exciting discoveries of this century is that by making a few simple changes, we can grow old gracefully instead of becoming senile and decrepit.



Rejuvenate your eyesight as an investment in yourself for the future.

The situation is like tuning up an automobile engine. A new car will run well for about 40,000 miles before showing the first signs of aging. Then the engine won’t run as smooth and will burn more fuel. You have a choice. You can say: “To heck with it, I’ll just put on a new muffler and fill up more often.” The other choice is to give it a tune-up. By having the engine adjusted, it will run smoothly again and give you many more years of reliable service. The same principle applies to the eyes. We can give the visual system a good tune-up and help it function better. Although we probably won’t see as well as we did twenty years ago, we can usually reduce out dependency on “corrective” lenses.

There is a new refractive surgery procedure that can help you to focus for reading as well as being able to see distances, just as in natural younger vision. This procedure, called SuperSight Surgery, utilizes the same successful techniques of modern cataract surgery to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness and near (reading) vision.

Some people feel a little nervous or unsure about having eye surgery. It's perfectly natural. But once they appreciate how it works, and how straightforward it is, to permanently correct vision for distance and near, they can start to imagine what life would be like without glasses or the daily hassle of contact lenses for reasons of occupation, recreation, social opportunities, or improved activities of daily living.


Whether you want to free yourself from dependence on glasses for any  reasons,  you can start to imagine that what life would be like without glasses.

Many people are taking more serious look at refractive surgery because of its continued success, the availability of long-term results and its improved accuracy.

The good news is that you’ve encountered presbyopia or cataract at the time when technology has taken a giant leap forward. Today, the goal of treatment is to enhance your vision that might provide you with a full range of vision, thus minimizing your dependence on glasses, including reading glasses or bifocals.

SuperSight Surgery could be a procedure of choice or a viable alternative for those who wish to eliminate their dependence on traditional or progressive bifocals and those who may be showing signs (even without symptoms) of developing cataracts.

Our goal at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital is to help each patient to achieve their best possible vision as quick as possible. By continually refining the methods we use in patient care, we are able to improve vision and make the entire experience more comfortable and convenient for you.


SuperSight Surgery

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