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SuperSight Surgery Information

Why SuperSight?

Want to be rid of your glasses?

And have your long and short vision returned?

SuperSight by Somchai can do just

this, It can also turn back your clock visually, and negate the threat of cataract, forever.

Reshaping someone's cornea, using laser-based cutting devices is, according to Somchai, a delicate procedure not unlike the touch an artist may use when applying paint to canvas. In this way Somchai felt he was able to combine both passions - art and restoring sight.

But it was Somchai's exposure to leading-edge technology involving IOLs - Intraocular lenses - that was to define his professional life. Around the turn of the century, Dr Somchai began to realise the possibilities of lens replacement surgery. There followed extensive discussions with a world-leader in lens manufacturing - Carl Zeiss AG - whereby Dr Somchai researched and developed measurement techniques that enabled Zeiss to manufacture lens bespoke to an individuals eye - both left and right - that could significantly enhance sight - both short and long. Somchai named the process SuperSight. He has completed over 5,000 operations since. 



In the 18 years that followed the first SuperSight surgery in 2002, Dr Somchai has lectured extensively at various IOL-themed conferences, sharing his knowledge with fellow ophthalmologists. His research and development with Zeiss continues to produce an end result that remains the world standard in surgery of its type. 



What is SuperSight Surgery?article

SuperSight Surgery is a dysfunctional lens replacement for people who are over 50 and thinking of ending their dependence on glasses. 

SuperSight surgery procedure, by which the failing natural lenses in the eyes, which now optically inefficient, were replaced by soft, well-flexible multifocal intraocular lenses that can be made to focus for reading as well as being able to see distances, just as in a natural younger vision.

Consequently, your vision after the procedure will be stable and unlikely to change over time.
You will have the ability to perform your normal activities without the need of glasses or contact lenses;
this can be an important turning back the clock visually.


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