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IOLMaster article

Coherence interferometry, biometric measurement device

The IOL Master was developed by Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, Ltd.

Measuring range

Axial length Wavelength 780 nm measurement
Range 14…..40 mm
Resolution of result display 0.01 mm

Corneal radius Wavelength 880 nm measurement
Range 5……10 mm (33….67 Diopters)
Resolution of result display 0.01 mm

Anterior Chamber Depth Wavelength 880 nm measurement
Range 1.5…..6.5 mm
Resolution of result display 0.01 mm

White To White Wavelength 590 nm measurement
Range 8……16 mm
Resolution of result display 0.1 mm

The IOL Master was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration in March of 2000.
 A non-contact optical device that measures the distance from the corneal vertex to the retinal pigment epithelium by partial coherence interferometry, the IOL Master is consistently accurate to within ?0.02 mm or better.

The IOL Master is the first such device to be widely used in clinical ophthalmology.
Calibrated against the ultra-high resolution 40-MHz Grieshaber Biometric System, an internal algorithm approximates the distance to the vitreoretinal interface, for the equivalent of an immersion A-scan ultrasonic axial length.

Considering the fact that axial length measurements by A-scan ultrasonography (using a standard 10-MHz transducer) have a typical resolution of 0.10 mm to 0.12 mm, axial length measurements by the IOL Master represent a fivefold increase in accuracy.

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