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Experience the Freedom of Clear Vision: SuperSight Surgery Unveils a New Era
Imagine a life unburdened by glasses or bifocals—a return to the clarity you once knew. The constraints of age no longer dictate the bounds of your vision.

SuperSight Surgery stands as a beacon of safety and unparalleled success in the realm of modern procedures.

For those navigating the challenges of presbyopia, SuperSight Surgery emerges as a compelling alternative, liberating individuals from the confines of traditional or progressive bifocals. It also extends its reach to those displaying early signs of cataract development, even in the absence of symptoms.

Consider this as an investment in your future, a transformative step towards self-empowerment. The value people place on how the world perceives them often exceeds the cost of the procedure. SuperSight Surgery transcends being a mere visual enhancement; it is life-enabling. By restoring vision, patients rediscover control, confidence, and a newfound sense of independence, enriching their lives in profound ways.

These emotional dividends unfold into an amplified experience of life itself—a catalyst for embarking on daring adventures.

Whether your desire is liberation from glasses or an aspiration grounded in any other motivation, the prospect of a life without visual constraints begins to take shape.



It is indeed fascinating how advanced cataract surgery, complemented by state-of-the-art technology, has achieved remarkable success and brought joy to patients worldwide who have been visiting Pattaya for over two decades. 

Upgrade Your Vision: Unwavering Excellence, Every Time

The pursuit of impeccable vision finds its pinnacle in SuperSight Surgery. With each passing year, a growing multitude entrusts their vision correction journey to the mastery of SuperSight Surgery. This choice is not a coincidence; it's a testament to the unswerving consistency and unmatched quality we offer.


Envision a future where clear vision isn't just a dream—it's your reality. SuperSight Surgery, where your eyes find their deserving best.


At SuperSight Surgery, we leverage cutting-edge technology and a proven procedure that has undergone remarkable advancements, surpassing the methods of previous generations. Our commitment to patient-centered care drives us to provide the highest quality eye surgery, supported by responsive service and unwavering attention to detail.
Over the past two decades, modern microsurgical techniques for lens removal have evolved and improved dramatically, marking a significant leap forward in the field.
We have garnered a wealth of trust and support from our patients, a testament to our expertise in ophthalmic surgery. Equally noteworthy is the fact that SuperSight Surgery stands apart from other refractive procedures, proving to be uniquely effective for various vision conditions.
Enter SuperSight Surgery—a groundbreaking lens implant technology designed to restore youthful vision for those aged 50 and above, especially those with presbyopia, an age-related condition that hampers close-up vision, as well as cataract patients.
If the burden of glasses has left you seeking a new solution and you've noticed a decline in your near vision, SuperSight Surgery might be the answer you're looking for.
Many of our patients, typically in their mid-50s and early 60s, exhibit presbyopia along with cataracts or significant refractive errors. They fully understand the extent of their vision loss and vividly recall their prior visual capabilities.
Should you be interested in exploring this transformative procedure, our office can facilitate a comprehensive evaluation and consultation. This step will assist you in better assessing your curiosity and determining your suitability for SuperSight Surgery. Embark on the journey to a clearer, more youthful vision today.

 If you want to know more, contact Dr Somchai and be happy with a new clear vision without contact lenses or glasses..  You will be amazed.

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resulted in thousands of pairs of glasses being thrown away

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