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Experience the Freedom of Clear Vision: SuperSight Surgery Unveils a New Era

Imagine a life free from glasses or bifocals, returning to the clarity you once knew, where age no longer limits your vision. Consider this an investment in your future, a transformative step towards self-empowerment. The value of how the world perceives you often exceeds the cost of the procedure. SuperSight Surgery is more than visual enhancement; it’s life-enabling. By restoring vision, patients rediscover control, confidence, and independence, enriching their lives profoundly.

SuperSight Surgery stands as a beacon of safety and unparalleled success in modern vision correction. It offers a compelling alternative for those with presbyopia, liberating individuals from traditional or progressive bifocals. It also benefits those with early signs of cataracts, even without symptoms.

These benefits unfold into an amplified life experience, a catalyst for new adventures. Whether you seek freedom from glasses or have other motivations, the prospect of a life without visual constraints begins here.



The advancement of cataract surgery, enhanced with cutting-edge technology, has been remarkable, bringing joy to patients who have visited Pattaya for over two decades. SuperSight Surgery represents the pinnacle of vision correction, with an increasing number of people entrusting their eyesight to our expertise—a testament to our consistent, unmatched quality.

Dr. Somchai, a pioneer in this field with over 10,000 surgeries and more than 20 years of experience, will guide you through the process. Unlike others who rely solely on manufacturer claims and theories, we bring real-world experience and proven results. Discover the difference during your consultation with us and see why SuperSight Surgery is the superior choice for your vision.


At SuperSight Surgery, we leverage cutting-edge technology and a proven procedure that surpasses the methods of previous generations. Our commitment to patient-centered care ensures the highest quality eye surgery, supported by responsive service and meticulous attention to detail.

Many of our patients, typically in their mid-50s to early 60s, exhibit presbyopia along with cataracts or significant refractive errors. They fully understand the extent of their vision loss and vividly recall their prior visual capabilities.
To explore this transformative procedure, our office offers comprehensive evaluations and consultations. This step will help you assess your suitability for SuperSight Surgery and embark on the journey to a clearer, more youthful vision today.

 If you want to know more, contact Dr. Somchai and be happy with a new clear vision without contact lenses or glasses..  You will be amazed.

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                                            Over 10,000 procedures
resulted in thousands of pairs of glasses being thrown away

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Will SuperSight Surgery work for me?

How safe is the procedure?   

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What can go wrong?

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How does new multifocal IOL affect intermediate vision?

Should I have both eyes done at once?

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I’ve heard so much about astigmatism.
What is it? Does SuperSight correct it?

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What is presbyopia?

Is it possible to correct presbyopia using lasers as “LASIK”?

Will you recommend SuperSight Surgery for those patients between 50 and 60 years of age who request LASIK for their refractive error?

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How much does it cost?

Is SuperSight Surgery covered on health insurance?

What is a secondary cataract?

Q & A

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