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Technology of lens implants article

Technology of lens implant





During patient consultations, we elucidate the transformative potential of new-generation multifocal IOLs, assuring patients that these implants will rejuvenate a significant portion of their near vision, thereby diminishing their reliance on reading glasses.
The standout advantage of SuperSight Surgery lies in its capability to rectify cataracts while simultaneously addressing substantial levels of myopia or hyperopia in the patient.
Multi-focal IOLs, a groundbreaking advancement, usher in a realm where patients experience vision across multiple distances without the need for corrective eyewear. FDA-approved for over a decade, these intraocular lenses redefine the visual experience.
At the heart of multifocal lenses are distinct optical zones, each tailored to a specific distance. The prevailing variant, the diffractive-type lens, boasts a surface adorned with intricate steps or "rings," facilitating clear vision at both proximate and distant focal points.

In the realm of SuperSight, our discernment often inclines towards trifocal lens implants infused with S.M.P. (Smooth Micro Phase) technology from Carl Zeiss, or EDOF (extended depth of focus) technology. These choices are a hallmark of our commitment to maximizing benefits while ensuring exceptional optical efficacy.
The meticulously crafted optical architecture delivers unparalleled image resolution, accompanied by remarkable contrast sensitivity across all distances and lighting conditions.

This design, meticulously honed to meet and exceed expectations, boasts a multitude of merits. It ushers in improved visual acuity across the spectrum, with particular brilliance post-binocular implantation, unveiling a world of enhanced clarity and focus.



Technology of Lens Implants

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