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Supersight vision? Tired of glasses – for distance, for reading, for computer and regular trips to the Optician to change the lenses?

 So posted in FB: Not PR, but personal experience, sharing for those who want to know. Please read the text below in full:

Supersight vision? Tired of glasses – for distance, for reading, for computer and regular trips to the Optician to change the lenses?
For me, all started with a trip to the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, which has become known worldwide for its the Supersight Vision department, headed by Dr. Somchai.
I remember Dr Somchai, when he did the Cataract surgery for my mother 16 years ago as a man who radiates gentle friendliness and who impressed me, how carefully he touched the eyes of my mother and how he took hear fear s she had passed the eighties already. Dr. Somchai told me, that the miracle of the eyes was his passion and he was searching for ways, how to restore eyesight to never have to use glasses again.He went to Erlangen in Germany, joined a team of Scientists of Zeiss, a renowned german company for lenses and vision care.
Now, 16 years later, I met Dr. Somchai again. I asked for a checkup and consultation. He still has his boyish smile, his gentle touches, his humble way of explaining while using a row of high tech machines, all blinking in different colors when moved to the eyes. Before that, Ms. Wanida, his assistant of 20 years, had already checked with another array of high tech tools and equipment. I was reminded of my time as a war correspondent in Vietnam – so very long ago – when I had the privilege to spend 3 days on the first nuclear driven aircraft carrier , the USS Enterprise, where the whole inside of the ship was a equipped with blinking, moving and radiating screens and gadgets, glittering in mostly purple and violet colors. For me world of Utopia – and on top of this my life’s record: 6000 men and me, me being the only women on board! Never was I anywhere more safe. I still have nothing but praise and respect for the crew on board.
Dr. Somchai explained, why my eyes did not want to focus on what I wanted them to focus on. Strong Astigmatism in the left eye and both eyes showing signs of Cataract in addition to having different vision in the left and right eye. In his gentle way Dr.Somchai mentioned, hat this surgery is quite expensive and looking at the equipment and imagining the research and trainingot took and takes, I understand. Cost in Thai Bath ranges between 230 000 to almost 300 000 Baht, which according to the present exchange rate to Euro is about 8000 to 9000 Euro. Lucky I am that my Insurance “Allianz” agreed to cover the cost 100 %. I was told, the Surgery will be done after several general checkups, local anesthesia injection above the cheekbones, so that I will feel nothing. The surgery will take one hour for both eyes and thereafter I need to stay in the Hospital overnight. I should not be worried.Dr. Somchai has done more than 1500 such surgeries for Patients who come from all over the world. More one can read in his web site:…/lasik-and-supersig…
I decided to go for it and was told to come to the Hospital the following Sunday at 7.30. All started with bloodpressure checks , repeated eyedrops, blood and urine test and lung X ray. Then I was moved to a luxury hospital room on the 12th floor, letting me have a beautiful view of Pattaya and the sea. But I felt drowsy and slept until I was awoken and in a wheelchair driven to the operation room, another site of Utopia with huge lamps and microscopes. I noticed the Name Leica. It was 11.00 am. Dr. Somchai injected the Anesthesia to paralyse pain and eye movement and other calming down medicine other into the needle which had been placed in my hand. Thereafter I do not recall what happened though I was still aware of sounds. I heard a scratching sound and after a while I heard Dr. Somchai saying, the right eye is done. All went well. Then came the left eye. The one with strong astigmatism, for which a special lens was needed. Now I saw flashes in bright yellow and also red . I did not hear scatching sounds. May because I was singing as Dr. Somchai told me. I vaguegly remember. I have this habit to always sing when I drive , singing in a language I do not know though I usually know the meaning. It is always about Life, humans being the microcosm of the macrocosm. .
After the left eye was also done, and had gone well ,Dr. Somchai asked me to open my eyes and said, I may see him double. I could open only my right eye. The lid of left eye stayed closed. Also I did not see Dr. Somchai as two. He laughed, told me not worry and that I will be able to open my left eye after the effect of the Anesthesia is out.
I then was rolled back to my room on the 12th floor. Was still worried about my left eye lid, but then I slept for 5 hours and when I woke up both eyes opened – no pain! I could see all around me.. well focused.. and I feel asleep again. Next day. Check up, all is fine. What was different were the colors. The green of the trees was like being covered with a blueish grey shield and my eyes were very sensitive to light. I was given big sun glasses, closed on all sides and told, to wear them when I am outside or at a bright place, also I should not read longer than 20 minutes, often blinck my eyes and rest for another 20 minutes before reading again and use bright lamps when reading. But Best to keep resting the eyes and brain.
Dr. Somchai had explained, the brain will have to adjust and later I would see the colours as they really are, not as distorted as before- though they had looked fine to me. The brain will also have to adjust to reading and seeing without glasses- and as I realize, I also have to control my arm movement, always wanting to grab my eyeglasses when I was going to read. Monday noon, one day after the surgery, I could check out and had no problem to drive the 20 km back to my house at the beach.
Back home, I rested and read the instructions I was given, how and when to use the 2 kinds of eyedrops and that for the first two nights I should be sleeping with a cover over the eyes. I was happy, but the left eye was hurting with a scratching sensation. I remembered, long time ago an eye doctor told me, I had a little calcium spot inside my left upper lid and I should not scratch. But I never had any problem since. Now I had. I went back to see Dr. Somchai, indeed there was a calcium spot. He removed it with a needle, safely guided by his gentle hands and told me to use drops for dry eyes – as often as I feel for it.
It now is two weeks since I had this surgery. The colors are back. Green is green. Just blue is still too much blue, but the sky is as it was before and red is red. Reading still strains my eyes and I need many breaks and more sleep than before. As Dr. Somchai told, it will take at least one month for the brain to adjust and the eyes to feel comfortable. But for some patients it may take a longer time. so I just practice patience, not being a youngster any more. By the way, such surgery can be done for youngsters as well but not before they turn 18 or 20.
I am writing this text for all those, who might consider to have such super vision eye surgery and do not do because of worries. If you can afford and are tired of using different glasses for this and that, rethink. Go for consultation, feel your Inner voice and then decide. Such surgery is now available worldwide and also at other hospitals in Thailand, but whether it is the same I do not know. As for me, I trust Dr. Somchai and feel deep gratitude for the chance and Blessing I received -- to see the beauty of our earth and the love in the eyes of pure hearted people.
Best wishes to you all and many thanks,

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