Dr. Miracle Supersight
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As I opened the top drawer at my workplace, I was met with an unexpected sight: a jumbled mess of eyeglasses.
But these weren't just any eyeglasses.
No, they were the remnants of countless pairs that had seen better days.
It was as if this drawer had become a retirement home for spectacles, a final resting place for the optical casualties.

There were eight pairs in total, each with its own story of wear and tear, a battle scar of a life well-lived.
The frames told tales of clumsy accidents, fateful collisions with hard surfaces, and unanticipated tumbles from tabletops.
One pair had lost a side piece, rendering it lopsided and utterly unusable.
Another had a lens missing, a window into someone's unfortunate vision impairment.

As I picked up each pair, memories flooded back.
The pair with the broken frames, a casualty of my futile attempt at DIY repair, using Super Glue in a desperate bid to save them.
The glue had dried in twisted shapes, forever reminding me of my lackluster handiness.
And then there was the infamous incident when I inadvertently glued my finger to one lens.
A mishap that neither the lens nor my finger had appreciated, leaving a sticky imprint of my failed endeavors.

A sense of nostalgia and mild frustration enveloped me as I looked at this collection of optical mishaps.
These glasses had accompanied me through various stages of life, each one a testament to the passage of time and the inevitable mishaps that come with it.
While some might call it a spectacle graveyard, I found a peculiar charm in the chaos before me.
It was a testament to my attempts at resourcefulness and the trials that come with living a life filled with quirks and mishaps.

Chuckling to myself, I closed the drawer and returned to my work.
These eight pairs of readers might have lost their original purpose, but they had gained a new one – reminding me that life's imperfections are what make it truly interesting.
And who knows, perhaps one day I would stumble upon a way to give them a fitting send-off, turning their stories into a quirky and endearing tale for those willing to listen.


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