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My Testament to Anybody who is Contemplating Supersight Eye Surgery

  On Monday 20th November 2006, I was in the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya to get an injection of cortisone to treat tennis elbow in my left arm (to much bad golf). After being treated at a very reasonable cost I decided to investigate Laser Eye Surgery which I had read so much about.

I went into the eye department of the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya to arrange an appointment with an Eye Surgeon.

On arriving there all I could see all around me where signs for SuperSight Eye Surgery. 
I asked the receptionist what SuperSight Eye Surgery was, I was given a booklet on the procedure by the receptionist who also informed me that this was the latest technology in Corrective Eye Surgery, the actual lenses of the eye is replaced by new silicon lenses.

This fascinated me because I’m a bit of a techno freak anyway and so I arranged an appointment for the following day.

So on Tuesday 21st November 2007 at 11.00 am. I went for my Consultation with the Eye Surgeon Dr Somchai T. 
He explained to me what SuperSight Eye Surgery is.
I asked when it would be possible have to the operation carried out and he told me that I could be accommodated later that day as he had a gap in his schedule.

A funny thing (to me anyway sitting there in shorts and T shirt) was then raised by him, did I have the funds to pay for the treatment with me. I didn't even have a toothbrush with me. But at least I did have my wallet and debit card with me. When my debit card proved that I had sufficient funds all was satisfactory. There then followed a flurry of activity with eye drops every 10 minutes or so, chest x-rays, blood tests, and various other samples being taken (it reminded me of a Sci Fi film with my every move throughout the hospital being monitored and I was escorted everywhere by a beautiful Thai lady. Well the upshot was that within 4 hours of first meeting the surgeon I was there in theatre having the operation completed in about 1 1/2 hours from Start to finish all under local anesthetic. I even have a photograph album, DVD and pardon the Pun even a T shirt of the whole experience.

When Dr Somchai T first examined me at my initial consultation, he thought at best 30% vision improvement in my Left eye was the maximum possible. As I have never really been able to see that well with my Left eye for as long as I can remember way back until about age 3 to 4 years old, so any improvement would be better than what I have been living with for most of my life. He also said that both of my eyes would need my brain to work in harmony to get both eyes working together for the full effects of the SuperSight Surgery to work.

After a good nights sleep and by the next morning I was able to read (a little blurry) the smallest of writing in the financial pages of the Bangkok post (though it was in English) if I could have read it in Thai then that would have been a miracle as I can hardly speak or read a word of Thai anyway.

After 1 week my Left eye was recorded at 60% and my Right Eye 90% vision Well after 3 weeks and my final consultation with Dr Somchai T before flying home to the UK. I had 85% vision in my Left eye and 95% vision in Right eye. So I now have 20/12 vision or 1 1/2 times better than 20/20 vision or I can now read row 14 (3rd from bottom row) on a standard eye test board and row 16 (bottom row) with my Right eye all through SuperSight Eye Surgery, and the truly Remarkable Dr Somchai T, to whom I’ll be indebted to for the rest of my life.

Dr Somchai T has told me it is a phenomenon what has happened to my eyes and I'm his best patient to date. 
It is now the way to go rather than laser treatment as new lenses are fitted and also during my operation Dr Somchai T also corrected my Cornea’s back to Round from Oval. For the rest of my life I will never ever need to wear glasses again and can now enjoy my true passion Motor sport with the need for over glasses goggles now… completely gone.

All this for a total sum of £XXXX.00 for both eyes to be treated which included an overnight stay in one of the nicest suites that I have ever had the privilege to stay in with the nursing aftercare second to none.

I’d say the Best Money I have ever Spent.

I was told at the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya that Dr. Somchai T and his team uses 96% of the world supply of lenses which are made in Germany. I’ve said it before and don’t mind repeating again that I feel I will be indebted to him and his wonderful team for the rest of my life.

To Dr Somchai T & Team

Many Many Many Thanks

Michael K Bailey

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