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Dr. Somchai T.shoke-satian M.D. gets down to business


Dr. Somchai T.shoke-satian M.D.
gets down to business

The previous two issues of the Pattaya Mail explained some of the background to every day refractive visual problems that can affect your daily life. I am writing this week as a person who has experienced Cataract to the stage that I required glasses for distance vision and another set of glasses for close vision. Soon I was wearing two sets of glasses on a cord around my neck. I felt there had to be a better way. And there was.

A casual chat in the corridor was for me, the start to a life without glasses. Even for medical colleagues it can sometimes be difficult, but not with Dr. Somchai. He is one of the most approachable doctors I have met, and in his consulting rooms, he described in great detail the steps involved in restoring my eyesight. With a magnifying glass and a pamphlet in my hand, I read it and then decided that SuperSight was indeed the procedure for me.

Having made the decision, it was all plain sailing from there on. Dr. Somchai was then in charge of my vision and he and his practice nurses put me through rigorous testing to evaluate my refractive needs and which style and strength SuperSight lenses would be best for me. All very reassuring. After all, he had international awards.

Early on the appointed day pre-operative investigations began with blood and urine testing, chest X-Ray, special dilating eye drops, and these results were checked to ensure safe surgery, which began around noon.

The presence of Dr. Somchai was again reassuring during this pre-operative phase. The procedure would be removal of the diseased lens inside the eye and replaced with a SuperSight lens. By now all I wanted was for the operation to begin. With no pain, there was no anxiety.

Sterile drapes were then placed over me and the operation procedure commenced. I was told that the first eye was done and the sterile drapes were moved to cover the second eye. I could see flashes of light but no pain, in fact I knew “something” was being done, but I really did not know what.


After the operation, I spent one night in the room and I slept till the morning. It was then that I discovered I could see the television without glasses. Eagerly I reached for the Pattaya Mail and ‘wow’ I could read the newspaper as well. This new eyesight was indeed “super”.

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