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Imagine what that new vision can do for your happiness


Henry Langman was really happy. He had traveled from the UK to Pattaya to visit the foremost eye surgeon in Thailand, Dr. Somchai at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. "The phobia is always there. You think there may pain or you think there may be complications. You hear, maybe, one horror story and get apprehensive."

He was gloating over the results of his SuperSight surgery a week ago and was beaming after his post-operative checkup with Dr.Somchai.

"I am nearly 60 and have never gotten used to the inconvenience of glasses. I play golf. I play and referee ugby. It's hard to do that in the rain wearing glasses. I'm always outdoors and hated to be reaching for spectacles," he stated.

"This was so simple, so fast and so pain-free. Now my mother is coming for the operation! "And what a value- just half the cost!"

The result one week later.

"I was able to see better instantly. I had a slight flickering for three days, but no discomfort. Amazing what a healthy drink at a pub will do for you, no??"

Henry opted for SuperSight surgery, a relatively new procedure helping those who, at over 40 years old-when they begin to struggle while reading a newspaper or peering at a price tag-acquire reading glasses.

"It was not an option in the UK. I would have had to travel to London and pay over £'6,000 for LASIK only," he reflected.

"I was speaking with a bartender over a few drinks here in Pattaya who had the eye surgery nine months ago. I hate glasses which I always lose or break-and the exams, and contacts. So he told me to see Dr. Somchai. I won't lie- there was trepidation, I mean any intrusion into the body is a bit scary. But the doctor was so professional. And we talked about LASIK as well. I felt I had the whole smorgasbord of possibilities."

For the active golfer who wants to shed the annoyance and inconvenience of eyeglasses, this is a superlative option.

John Steinbeck in Travels with Charlie, observed that 'weary evening eyes see a weary evening world.' Imagine what that new vision can do for your happy, refreshed perspective. It's a great insight into your new eyesight.

Credit : David Lihn


ประโยชน์ และข้อควรทราบ ของการทำศัลยกรรมซุปเปอร์ไซต์
ถ้าอยากไปตรวจว่าจะสามารถทำได้หรือไม่ ต้องเตรียมตัวอย่างไรบ้าง?
ใครบ้างที่เป็นผู้ที่ไม่สมควรทำ หรือมีข้อห้ามอะไรบ้าง?
ทำศัลยกรรมแล้ว จะช่วยป้องกันไม่เกิดต้อ หรือโรคตาอื่นๆได้ด้วยหรือไม่?
หลังการรักษานานเท่าไร จึงจะกลับไปทำงาน และใช้ชีวิตได้ตามปกติ?
การศัลยกรรมแก้ไขสายตาแบบซุปเปอร์ไซต์ มีความปลอดภัยเพียงใด?
อะไรจะช่วยป้องกันไม่ให้หลับตา หรือ กระพริบตาระหว่างทำการรักษา?
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