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Q & A : Will SuperSight Surgery work for me? article

Will SuperSight Surgery work for me?

Gone are the days when only younger people had the opportunity for vision correction procedures. Now, even those in their 50s, 60s, and beyond can enjoy crystal clear vision with the help of modern technology.

SuperSight Surgery, a revolutionary lens implant technology that can restore youthful vision for people over 50 with presbyopic, the age-related eye condition that make it difficult to see things up-close, and cataract patients.

If you are sick of wearing glasses and cannot see up close, and are now beginning to notice your vision isn’t quite as good as before, you may consider SuperSight Surgery as a new alternative.

The majority of patients who receive SuperSight Surgery are in their mid 50s and early 60s and are presbyopic with cataract or large refractive errors.
They are well aware of the vision loss that they have experienced, and they remember their functional vision ability.


If you would like to consider this procedure, our office can arrange a complete evaluation and consultation to help you further in assessing your interest and candidacy for SuperSight Surgery.




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