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Q & A : What can I expect after having surgery with SuperSight Surgery? article

What can I expect after having surgery with SuperSight Surgery?

When counseling patients, we explain that implantation with new generation multifocal IOLs will rejuvenate a large portion of the near vision, and patients will have less dependence on reading glasses.
The major advantage of SuperSight Surgery is the actual repair of the cataract and will also fix any significant amount of myopia or hyperopia that the patient has.
While we provide information regarding the overall expectations for the surgery, we understand that there are some specific questions that arise in the first few weeks after the surgery.

After the surgery, Dr. Somchai and a team of highly-skilled nurses will provide patients with postoperative instructions and discuss their medication regimens. In addition. a team of highly-skilled nurses is always ready to give 

We remind all patients that SuperSight Surgery is a surgical procedure, and like all such procedures, there are risks involved. We suggest that you should review carefully the information contained in our result as well as the information you find elsewhere through additional research and then discuss this information in depth with Dr. Somchai.


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