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Q & A : Why people hate their reading glasses? article

Why people hate their reading glasses?

There can be several reasons why some people don't like their reading glasses.

Here are a few possible explanations:

1. Inconvenience: Wearing reading glasses requires constant adjustment and removal whenever one needs to shift focus between near and far objects. This can be seen as a hassle, especially for individuals who are constantly switching between reading and other activities.

2. Dependency: Some people may feel uncomfortable with the idea of becoming dependent on reading glasses. It can be frustrating to rely on a physical aid to perform a task that was previously effortless, leading to a sense of loss of independence or a reminder of aging.

3. Style and appearance: Many traditional reading glasses are designed with a specific purpose in mind and may not be seen as fashionable or trendy. Some individuals may feel self-conscious or dislike the appearance of wearing glasses, leading to a dislike of wearing them.

4. Discomfort: Reading glasses may cause physical discomfort for some people. This can include issues like pressure on the nose or ears, headaches, or eyestrain. Ill-fitting frames or lenses with incorrect prescriptions can exacerbate these problems.

5. Limited peripheral vision: Traditional reading glasses are designed for near vision, which means they have a limited field of view. This can be bothersome to individuals who need to maintain awareness of their surroundings or engage in activities that require a wider range of vision.

6. Cost: High-quality prescription reading glasses can be expensive, especially if the person requires specialized lenses or frames. Some people may dislike their reading glasses simply due to the financial burden associated with purchasing them.

7. Adjustment period: When individuals first start wearing reading glasses, they may experience an adjustment period during which they need to adapt to the new visual experience. This can include issues like dizziness, disorientation, or difficulty focusing, leading to initial discomfort or dislike of the glasses.



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