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Q & A : How does new multifocal IOL affect intermediate vision? article

How does new multifocal IOL, Trifocal + Enhanced depth of focus technology, affect intermediate vision?

Most patients are satisfied with their intermediate vision.  They make adjustments for intermediate work very well.

Occasionally, patients are not completely comfortable with their intermediate vision, but these patients are not common. 
Most intermediate vision does not require 20/20 acuity.  Most printed material in the real world for intermediate viewing is printed larger because it is meant to be seen at a greater distance, for example, prices in stores. 

Since natural vision cannot be completely duplicated with any IOL at the present time.

Recent clinical finding presents that new IOL technology, AT LISA trifocal lens, has present significant improvements by enhancing visual acuity at all distance.

Superior intermediate visual acuities were seen in binocular defocus curve in comparison with previous bi-focal multifocal IOLs. 


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