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Q & A : Is the SuperSight Surgery effective in myopia (nearsightedness)? article

Is the SuperSight Surgery effective in myopia (nearsightedness)?

A nearsighted (myopic) person can naturally see objects clearly up close, but needs glasses to see things in the distance. 
The problem with a myopic eye is that it has too much built-in magnifying power. 
Nearsighted people as they age also lose the focusing power of their lens (becomes presbyopic) but they always have the built-in ability to see clearly at near distance as soon as they removes their glasses or contacts.
If you wear glasses, have simple nearsightedness, and are over the age of 45, you may have noticed that you need to remove your glasses to see clearly up close.
Once you put your glasses back on, your eyes behave just like normal sighted people (emmetropes), and if you want to read through your glasses, you will need extra magnifying power, just like emmetropes at the same age. 
Since you already wear glasses, now you are going to need a bifocal lens.
SuperSight Surgery is appropriate for a myopic patient especially if they are very nearsighted, need to hold objects at the end of their nose to see clearly, or already have cataract. 
The caveat here is if a myopic patient wears glasses for reading and for distance vision, that patient will be satisfied with the results of SuperSight Surgery.


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