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Will SuperSight Surgery work for me?

How safe is the procedure?   

What can I expect after having surgery with SuperSight Surgery?

 Is it permanent?

How long does it take to get back to normal?

How fast does my vision improve after the procedure?

What can go wrong?

What's the different between LASIK and SuperSight?

Why do people hate their reading glasses?

Can anyone have this procedure done?

Who is not a candidate for SuperSight Surgery?

Can you guarantee I will get rid of my glasses or Contact lenses?

Will SuperSight Surgery prevents me from getting other eye diseases?

Could you tell me all about cataracts?

What should I know about night vision?

How does new multifocal IOL affect intermediate vision?

Should I have both eyes done at once?

What keeps me from blinking during the procedure?

I’ve heard so much about astigmatism.
What is it? Does SuperSight correct it?

Is the SuperSight Surgery effective in myopia (nearsightedness)?

What is presbyopia?

Is it possible to correct presbyopia using lasers as “LASIK”?

Will you recommend SuperSight Surgery for those patients between 50 and 60 years of age who request LASIK for their refractive error?

What are the advantages of SuperSight Surgery Over LASIK?

If I’ve had LASIK, can I still be a candidate for SuperSight Surgery?

How much does it cost?

Is SuperSight Surgery covered on health insurance?

What is a secondary cataract?

Q & A

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